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The European oak chronology
First publ August 2008, last update Jan 19 2016.
This is our lab journal with an analysis of available data
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Our historical pages and blog

An introduction and abstract
Addendum: Using other normalization methods to crossdate the Danish and Roman curves to N.Finland

The Hollstein and Becker data

On the European chronology
Retrieving some Hollstein data (downloads)
Merging Hollstein curves (downloads)
A very ambiguous match!!!
The stem of the Trier Amphitheater
More information Retrieving some Becker data
Some Becker data questionable

Summary and conclusions
Files to download
Errata Jan 19 2016

The Belfast data (Sept 2012)

An Irish tree ring chronology
An error in one of the Belfast key links
Files to download

Pine data solves the case!?
(April 2013)

Trying to date Roman time
Files to download

Astronomical excursions

An astronomical approach
Ancient astronomers
Xenophon of Athens
Revelation to John

First version on merging the curves:
Rebuilding the Hollstein chronology